Steve’s 110 Utility Camper M57 3.0 BMW Diesel

My old 110 had been with me for a while,it had done sterling service whilst plying trade as a mobile outfit,but was a bit down at heal and needed a fair amount of work. For various reasons it had been sat in the yard doing nothing for 18 months and something needed to be done! I had done conversion to M57 BMW Diesel on a P38 Range Rover and was pleased with the result, I really wanted to do a defender…so i figured mine was a good one to do and see what would happen. So out came the 200k and very worn TD5 engine,along with the transmission. An engine was sourced and the relevant adapter plate and clutch from Synchro Gearboxes (highly recommended for anything of this ilk) a suitable transmission was sourced from a scrap 300tdi disco and engine mounts fabricated. It all fits quite nicely.

The wiring loom was made in house as were all the pipes and hoses etc. A few mods to wiring on the vehicle and fitment of suitable fuel pumps and we were running!

Next onwards with the body work. A few repairs and filling and a nice coat of Ford Grabber blue got the outside looking presentable,all done in house,as is the sign writing. A set of alloy wheels were pulled out of the yard and sprayed black,and fitted with new Cooper st pro tyres.

New seat covers and carpet and insulation throughout and a fold down platform for sleeping on were added, for shows.

The end result goes very well and pulls trailers as very well. Power upgrades are planned……..