1964 Series 2a camper (LRO DEC 2018)

Julian, the owner of this vehicle, has been a customer of mine for some time. He has two Land Rovers and this is one. We had been stitching it together for him for a number of years but it was becoming clear that the old girl was going to need some serious work at some point. Then we got the call, “Im going to do it,get the chassis ordered”

The brief was to create a good solid reliable vehicle,and to straighten it up a bit without losing its patina and character. Not such an easy task when the bulkhead is like swiss cheese in a lot of places. New foot wells,pillars and feet were needed to make it sound.

The chassis was easy, a new replacement from Richards Chassis forms its backbone.

All the mechanicals were overhauled as required,the axles were overhauled and repaired then repainted .and the engine was treated to a thorough going over and some lovely performance parts from ACR. We wern’t looking to create a dragster but the old girl needed a bit more go to pull that huge body along. An overdrive was sourced for relaxed cruising.

Whilst the top tech Jay set to trying to make good a bulkhead I was busy smashing body panels straight (but not too straight) in a manner i thought would keep its character,with a big hammer on a bit of smooth concrete floor…. like they would have done on the farm back in its day. I then experimented with some grey paint ideas to try and find a way of painting and protecting the bulkhead but so’s that it wouldn’t look out of place on the vehicle. It all came together well in the end i think.